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Here’s a preview of some of the sessions for #ACCE22. Keep checking back as we add sessions and finalize details for the convention schedule.

Targeted Strategies for Talent Attraction and Retention

Talent attraction and retention campaigns require deep collaboration to be successful, as many players have a stake in encouraging talent to relocate or stay in a community. Learn how chamber leaders worked with partners to develop goals, target talent pools and measure success. Speakers share strategies they’re testing to determine why talent leave and return to a region.

Supporting Small Business Ecosystems

Chambers play a key role in providing or connecting small businesses to services they need to start and grow. Learn different ways that chambers fit into their community’s small business ecosystem and collaborate with partners. Participants will leave this session with a greater understanding of how to support the existing small business ecosystem without duplicating efforts to support entrepreneurs.

Building Downtown Through Collaborative Visioning and Placemaking

Chambers frequently spearhead downtown revitalization efforts in their communities. Learn more about the role of placemaking in this work and tactics that chambers and community partners use to make their downtowns more vibrant.

Building the Culture for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

For diversity, equity and inclusion to take root, chambers must analyze their own policies, practices and norms. Every organization must chart its own course in this work, but during this session, we’ll share strategies chambers have used to successfully begin to address DEI gaps within their organizations. Participants will learn the pros and cons of different structures and how to conduct internal DEI work.

Incorporating a DEI Lens into Your Programs and Events

Chambers excel at developing business leaders in their community through programs and events. Though we may have tried and true models, our programs and events can be innovative to meet the needs of various members and to equip our members with the skills they need to be successful business leaders for today, and tomorrow. In this interactive session, speakers from the Dallas Regional Chamber and Greater Louisville Inc. will share why they started looking at their leadership development programs and events with a DEI lens. They’ll walk through key considerations and how they modified their event planning and program design to include DEI topics and principles. Participants will practice activities these chambers use and create an action plan on how to apply a DEI lens to their own programs and events.

99 Problems But a Pitch Ain’t One: Talent Attraction Realities

Most communities can identify a few unique things that set them apart from their peers. But how can these story-generating assets be put into measurable action in the talent space? This presentation will offer an unvarnished glimpse into the ups and downs of Indy Chamber’s regional talent attraction and image marketing campaign in real time, as well as share talent attraction and retention stories and best practices from across the country. 

Engaging Your Ambassadors

An extension of chamber staff, ambassadors have an opportunity to enhance your organization, leading to increased revenue and expanding your chamber’s reach. However, we’ve seen many ambassador programs lose steam through the pandemic. Learn tactics to craft a program that effectively recruits, onboards, and engages your most important advocates.

Ready, Aim, Fire, Measure

Strategic planning creates anticipation and optimism, yet many strategic plans fail to launch or achieve success. Transforming priorities into action, maintaining momentum and knowing that the needle is moving is how you make it happen. Cathi Hight will help you explore strategies to enhance your strategic planning process and drive your organization forward.

Your Volunteer Board

Effective board engagement is critical to your chamber’s success and it begins prior to board nominations. In this interactive workshop, Alysia Cook will share tips on how to secure the right committed board members and how to keep them engaged. She will also explore specific techniques to transform your board meetings into solutions sessions and convert your underperforming committees into high-value work teams.

Peer Networks to Support Women Business Leaders

Providing ongoing development and support to the many talented women working in your communities is a key component to business success – not to mention an excellent opportunity to develop leaders and increase non-dues revenue. The Billings Chamber has created a Women’s Network run by women for women, providing opportunities for participants to find valuable long-term business contacts, hear advice from peers and experts and share knowledge and experiences. Since its inception in 2020, the Billings Chamber Women’s Network has engaged more than 250 female business leaders and created a new revenue stream for the chamber.

60 Membership Ideas in 60 Minutes

Ever popular and always fast-moving, this session provides a platform for membership and sales pros to spend one minute sharing a great idea that works for their chamber. Prizes awarded!

There’s a Journey for That: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Every single day, chamber leaders juggle multiple touchpoints with their members who experience the chamber through their own unique “journey”. It can seem overwhelming, and sometimes even impossible, to provide each member with a consistent and customized journey tailored to their specific needs. The Michigan West Coast Chamber has developed proven processes and leveraged technology to turn a daunting task into a seamless one. Learn how you can provide truly remarkable experiences for new members, existing members (even those who are in the “collections journey”) and sponsors. Whether you are a team of twenty or an office of one, you will rest easy knowing that nothing is slipping through the cracks and you’ll see positive results on your bottom line.

The Book of Business Method of Incentivizing Your Sales Team

Sales team leaders: When was the last time you revisited your sales incentive compensation? How are you incentivizing your chamber’s revenue growth? Join this session to learn how a book of business portfolio management approach can lead to significant revenue growth by incentivizing your team to focus on both acquisition and retention.

Storytelling for Success: Enhancing the Member Experience

Discuss the unique and innovative ways one small chamber looked inward and enhanced its member experience by gaining a greater understanding of what they needed. Learn how the chamber’s approach through storytelling led to a variety of successful campaigns and an engaged membership.

Recruit Major Investors Like a Boss

There is an essential truth that successful chamber CEOs embrace. No one will ever be more committed to, or able to speak more influentially about, their chamber’s mission than the person at the top. This passion for your mission is the secret sauce to radically improving major investor sales. To be clear, this does NOT mean that chamber CEOs should drop everything, jump on the phone, and start selling. Your time is far too valuable.  Nor does it mean membership salespeople are unnecessary. They play an essential role.  However, a chamber CEO’s influence and authenticity are the ideal foundation around which to build your chamber’s major investor acquisition plan.  Membership sales thought leader Doug Holman, will share a practical action plan for how chamber CEOs can strategically collaborate with membership sales to make more genuine connections with prospective investors –– resulting in shorter recruiting cycles, larger investments and more sustainable results.

CCE Workshop

Designed for experienced leaders, Certified Chamber Executive (CCE) is the highly recognized designation for high-achieving chamber professionals. Find out how certification can boost your professional confidence and take your career to the next level in this session, which also outlines the process and eligibility requirements for the CCE.

Stronger Together: Progressive Model for the Future of Your Chamber

Strong communities are built through a shared vision, partnerships and a whole lot of creativity, especially in a post-pandemic world. In October 2019, the Clearwater Regional Chamber and the Clearwater Beach Chamber came together through a merger to form AMPLIFY Clearwater.  AMPLIFY has redefined the traditional chamber model, still offering all of the benefits one is accustomed to through membership, but with enhanced offerings applicable to many communities nationwide. This presentation will outline how the merger came together, how community needs informed the new membership structure, how this organization ended every year through the pandemic in the black, and what the future creative projects look like for AMPLIFY including a combined visitor center and business incubator, a new model for Leadership Training, DEI efforts and a foundation to build the future.

People, People, People – Creating an All-Star Lineup at Your Chamber

The number one need for organizations is to have the right people in place to carry out their work successfully. Chambers are often tasked with doing this with a very lean team. This session will cover ways to learn what your organization’s needs are, put together a clear plan to define accountability and outline the process to get the right people in the right seats.  We will cover Staff, Board, Ambassadors and more to help you put together your own All-Star line-up.  We’ll also look at the procedures needed to be successful and keep your team healthy in times of transition, including maternity leaves and succession planning.  This interactive session will provide participants with tangible tools such as an Accountability Chart, Performance Evaluation Forms, Monthly One-on-One Meeting Outlines and more.

Sponsorships: Strengthening Attendance, Revenue and Brand

Attend this session and learn how sponsorships are more than just an opportunity to increase event attendance and non-dues revenue, but a chance to grow your own brand and lend that credibility and alignment to your sponsors. Learn from the Kentucky Chamber team on how to market and sell valuable sponsorship opportunities versus including them as a benefit of membership – creating a win-win situation for both chamber and member.

Small Chambers, Big Plans: Sponsorships that Support Your Organization and Mission

Learn how two small chambers used creative sponsorship strategies to punch above their weight in advancing their organizations and communities. The Cortland Area Chamber raised over $100,000 in sponsorships to fully furnish and equip its beautiful new office space, all with a membership base of about 520 and a county population of fewer than 50,000. The similar-sized Timmins Area Chamber created the Reimagined Resiliency program in the pandemic’s wake to help its businesses navigate future storms. This virtual series – offering training and resources on financial literacy, technology integration, diversity and inclusion and more – was sponsored to create a new revenue stream and connect and support the entire northern Ontario community. Gain insights into smart, mission-aligned sponsorship strategies in this interactive session.

Leveraging Coalitions to Drive Policy Change

Learn how ACCE’s partnership with National Skills Coalition led to the creation of the Texas Business Leaders United (BLU) affiliate and has created a statewide coalition of chambers of commerce focused on advancing workforce and skills-based policy across Texas. Key leaders from the BLU TX coalition will discuss how to form a statewide coalition with your chamber peers on workforce development. It will highlight key advocacy wins and discuss challenges when working in a state that is diverse in population, geography and politics.

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