#ACCE23 Closing Session – Visions of the Future

#ACCE23 Closing Session – Visions of the Future

From communities in the metaverse to real-life business districts, #ACCE23’s closing session will feature a series of dynamic, fast-paced mini-presentations to prepare your chamber for what’s next. Be inspired to elevate your thinking, make bold transformative changes and solidify your chamber’s enduring relevancy.

  • Framing on Trends of the Future | Futurist Rebecca Ryan will examine several key trends in human behavior and technology and highlight how chambers are responding to meet the moment.
  • The Future of Belonging | What does it mean to create a sense of inclusion for our business community and beyond? YWCA Utah CEO Liz Owens will discuss how expectations around belonging have shifted and how our organizations need to adapt to remain relevant.
  • The Future of Technology and Training in the Metaverse | Smart companies are adopting lots of different solutions for workforce training. A conversation with Jobs for the Future’s Alex Swartsel will examine emerging technologies helping workers gain the skills they need.
  • The Future of Spaces and Places | As our digital world evolves, so does how we exist within physical spaces. Better City Founder Matthew Godfrey will explain how our sense of place is changing and what we should be thinking about as we envision what’s next for the built environments in our communities.
  • Chamber Perspectives on the Future | In this facilitated conversation, a panel of chamber executives will share how their organizations are thinking about these important topics and what they are doing now to plan for the future.


This session will be held on Thursday, August 3 at 10:15 a.m. See the full schedule here.

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